Support Programs

Network Management Corporation (NMC) is pleased to offer our new support programs..  NMC support programs improves network performance and response, provides efficient and reliable system backup, ensures secure network protection, reduces systems management cost, and creates dependable wired and wireless access to business information and resources.

NMC offers 4 support programs to meet most customer support needs.

  • NetWatch® is our remote network support program providing management and configuration for critical network devices.
  • NetGuard® is our remote security support program providing security configuration and management of firewall, intrusion control and backup services ensuring their function protects business privacy and continuity.
  • NetAssist® is our limited onsite support program that provides limited NetWatch® services and pre-purchased support hours by NMC technical resources.
  • NetAlliance® is our premium support program integrating NetWatch®, NetGuard® and NMC full time onsite technical resources.

NMC offers a variety of expert level staff that can rapidly respond to many areas of support. These programs allow NMC to come along side your technical staff as an expert resource to rapidly implement changes, stabilize weak points, and proactively support the network.

NMC has provided supplemental support to many different companies. Projects we assisted in have given NMC an understanding of the network, the underlying infrastructure and the ways NMC could best provide effective support.

NMC provides experienced technical staff familiar with networking protocols and standards rather than a manufacturer’s specific solution. We maintain the highest industry certifications based on a culture of understanding and troubleshooting networks through education and training.

Getting Started

The first 30 days of the agreement is used to baseline and identify areas of remediation required to support the network effectively. A remediation plan is provided with critical recommendations that require remediation prior to proceeding with a service level agreement (SLA).

Under our programs the SLA is used to keep our technical staff focused on our primary objectives of ensuring network availability and continuity.