Welcome to NMC!

We know how critical your network is to your business. With thousands of dollars at stake each minute of network downtime, you need assurance that your networking partner is both proactive and responsive in providing you with premium networking service and support.

Network Management Corporation (NMC) provides network and communications services to organizations throughout Northern California and has built long-standing relationships spanning 10 years or more with clients as a trusted resource for network services. Our solutions are built on open-standards that will continually leverage your IT investments and weather the ever-shifting tide of technology.

Network Management Corporation’s data/voice Services Include:

NMC has diagrammed and documented very large networks including 3Com Corporation (San Jose), California Franchise Tax Board (Sacramento), Chase Bank (Houston, TX) Federal Aviation Administration (New Jersey) and the Smithsonian Institute (Washington, D.C). We provide critical problem resolutions and as needed network services to clients such as the Pacific Stock Exchange, City of Stockton and many others. NMC holds California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) for Wiring and Cabling Services (WACS), Consulting Services and Technology hardware.

Our good name has been built on knowledgeable trained staff and commitment to customer service.